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Lapland Coronavirus Travel Advice

Our Lapland travel advice section includes answers to many of the most frequently asked questions about travel to Lapland and how this is affected by the coronavirus situation.

Updated: 25 September 2020

Will my Lapland holiday go ahead as planned?

We’re looking into what the latest government guidance means for our tours but we’re confident that our programme will go ahead as planned. We are waiting for further guidance from the authorities and will keep this web page updated.

How will I know if my travel plans will be affected?

If we need to advise you of changes, we will do this initially by email or via your travel agent. We will also keep this web page updated with any new information.

What is being done to keep me safe, and will this affect my holiday experience?

We and our travel partners are taking every step we can to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

We’ll send full details on what to expect before you depart, but in line with UK, Irish and Finnish regulations, physical distancing and/or face masks are required in many situations, such as at airports, and on flights and transportation. You can also expect some changes in public areas and restaurants such as hand sanitiser stations and chef-served buffets.

Our admin staff will be wearing masks or face shields, but we’ve made a number of discreet and subtle changes to our activity programme plus some extra training for our elves and character staff to make sure that you’ll stay comfortable and safe while still enjoying the same magical Lapland experience.

Will I get a refund if Canterbury Travel cancels my holiday?

If we have to cancel your tour for any reason, you will have a choice of moving your booking to an alternative departure date, or requesting a full refund.

Will I get a refund if I choose to cancel my holiday?

If you cancel your holiday and the tour is still operating, then a cancellation charge will apply, as detailed in our booking conditions. We will refund any money you have paid towards the holiday, minus the cancellation charge. Your travel insurance may cover this cancellation charge in some circumstances. We appreciate that people often cancel for reasons beyond their control, so we do offer a 5% discount should you choose to book with us again in future.

What happens if I catch Covid before my trip?

If someone in your party contracts Covid-19 within 14 days of departure, you can reschedule free of charge to take the same trip later this year. This is subject to availability, and applies to you, anyone you are sharing a room with, and your dependants. We will require a medical certificate to confirm the diagnosis.

If you choose not to travel, cancellation charges will apply, and you should contact your travel insurance company to discuss reimbursement. We do offer a 5% discount should you choose to book with us again for next year.

When do I have to pay the balance for my holiday?

We normally require each holiday to be paid in full 10 weeks before the departure date. However, to give everyone more flexibility this year, we’ve extended our balance due dates to 6 weeks prior to departure.

Do I need to buy travel insurance?

We really hope that you will never need to claim on your travel insurance, but it is important to make sure that your family and your belongings are properly covered, just in case the unexpected happens. We recommend taking out travel insurance at the time you book, and strongly recommend choosing a policy with specific Covid-19 cover.

Where can I find travel and health information for Lapland?