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How Do The Finns Celebrate Easter?

We love sending excited families to see Santa Claus in Lapland each November and December, however have you ever wondered how the locals celebrate Easter?

Easter in Finland The most traditional celebration at Easter in Finland is for young children to dress up as witches. On the Sunday before Easter the little witches then knock on people's doors offering to bless their home in exchange for a treat. Dressed in colourful old clothes with freckles on their faces the children carry willow twigs decorated with crepe paper and colourful feathers, which are offered as blessings to drive away evil spirits.  They are then rewarded with sweets, small change or small chocolate eggs.

Families enjoy eating Pasha at Easter, which is a traditional dessert made of sweetened cheese, egg and cream.  Usually the ingredients are set in a mould and decorated with religious motifs. Easter is the most important annual feast day for Orthodox Christians in Finland but it is also a period of holy celebration for members of the predominantly Evangelical Lutheran Church.