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How To Write A Letter To Santa

Santa loves to receive letters and drawings from children all around the world each year, but for those of you who may never have written such a letter before, I thought you might like to read my simple step-by-step guide on how to do so.

Step 1. Ask your parents for some paper and a pen. You can use any type of paper and pen. Even a bright crayon or pencil will do.

Step 2. Clear a space on your desk or maybe at the kitchen table, so you have lots of room to write your letter and draw.

Step 3. Get into the Christmas spirit – why not put on some music such as the Special Elf song….or one of your own favourites.

Step 4. Now you can begin. Start with a greeting for example, Dear Santa or Dear Father Christmas.

Step 5. Remember to include your name at the beginning of the letter, Santa receives many letters each year and he needs to know it’s from you.

Step 6. Is there something you would like to ask Santa about living in Lapland? Perhaps you have a question about one of Santa’s elves or reindeer? Santa, will be able to answer your questions personally, when you come to visit us in Lapland in December.

Step 7. Santa likes to hear your news, so remember to mention what you’ve been up to throughout the year and how your friends and family are. Most importantly, what good things have you done this year? Did you win any prizes at school? Have you kept your room tidy when asked? Have you been kind to your brothers and sisters? Did you help to look after the family pets?

Step 8. Now as you’ve been so good this year it’s time to tell Santa about some of the presents that you would like to receive this Christmas. Remember Santa needs to have enough room in his sleigh for all the good children’s presents so just mention 2 or 3 small items that you really really want. Hopefully, Santa will then be able to fit them on the sleigh for you.

Step 9. You’ve nearly finished your letter now, perhaps you’d like to thank Santa’s elves for working so hard to make all the toys this year. Will you be leaving a snack for Santa and the reindeer on Christmas Eve? Perhaps you’d like to tell him all about it. Well that’s it – your letter is complete. Don’t forget to sign it!

Step 10. Finally, pop your letter into an envelope and address it to Santa Claus in Lapland. Then, give the letter to your parent or guardian and they will post it for you.

Until next time,

Mrs Claus xxx