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Meet The Elves

These magical characters are just one of the many components that make a Canterbury Travel holiday extra special.The Special Elves appear exclusively on each of the 3, 4 and 5 day Santa tours. No vacation to Lapland to meet Father Christmas would be the same without Santa’s Special Elves.As your expedition in Lapland begins, listen carefully to the clues provided by the Special Elves – only with their help will you find the real Santa Claus. Meet the Elves now…

Snowy Bowy

This beautiful snow princess wearing a blue and white dress enhanced with silver trim just adores everything to do with snow! She enjoys making bows and placing them on the trees that are heavy with snow near Luosto and Pyha. Snowy Bowy is very creative and she has so much fun placing decorations here and there.  She loves to wrap some of the presents that Santa delivers too.

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Speedy Sam

You’ll soon spot Speedy Sam – he dresses in red and whizzes around Lapland ensuring things are in place  for Santa. He’s such a reliable helper, a little impatient at times but he always gets the job done and 'proves to be the man' that Santa can trust. Will Speedy Sam whisper to Santa, which of your children have been good or naughty this year?

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Tricky Dicky

Did we mention what a cheeky Elf Tricky Dicky can be? We call him the joker wild because he loves to play tricks on you while you search for Santa. He may tell a fib or two to try to mislead you, but ultimately he will ensure that your time in Lapland is full of the most magical fun. You certainly won’t fail to spot him in Luosto or Pyha as he’s dressed in bright orange and yellow, carrying a red teddy bear.

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Noisy Nod

The most musical of all the Special Elves, Noisy Nod wears a colourful green outfit which even has little bells on it. Noisy Nod likes to rest and sometimes the other elves find it hard to wake him from his slumber. However, he loves playing musical instruments and adores singing Christmas tunes. Look out for Noisy Nod on your adventures – will the ringing of the bells lead you and your family to Santa?

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Wendy Wood

Only in Lapland will you meet Santa’s chief toymaker, the marvellous Wendy Wood. Wendy is in charge of making all of the traditional toys that Santa delivers for those children who make it on to his ‘good’ list each year. You can see some of Wendy’s hand-crafted creations on display at the Elf House, when you visit their home this winter.

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