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Children's Goody Bags

In the autumn, before you travel, we will be sending a 'Goody Bag' that includes an invitation to Lapland from Santa for every family. 

When we notify you that the Customer Portal is available for use, we will ask you to re-confirm your delivery address for the 'Goody Bag' in the portal. If you booked direct with Canterbury Travel, the delivery address will be pre-populated and cannot be changed (if you have moved house, please contact our Customer Service Team to update your address). 

However, if you booked via a Travel Agent, we ask you or your travel agent to complete your delivery address in full.

Please note, the parcels can only be dispatched to an address in the UK or Ireland. If you live abroad, please contact us on +44 (0)1923 822388 for further advice and to make an alternative arrangement.

The Goody Bags will be dispatched around the end of October, in time for your magical trip to Lapland.