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Lapland Clothing Guide

If this is the first time you've been on holiday to a snowy destination, you may be unsure about the type of winter clothing you will need to bring with you to Lapland to keep you and your family warm. We have put together some simple advice here, to help you plan for your magical Lapland holiday.

Which type of clothing do you provide?

We supply an all-in-one thermal snowsuit and boots for every adult, and for children age 2 and above.

You will need to bring your own hats, scarves/snoods, and waterproof gloves/mittens. (Woolen gloves are no good for Lapland.)  Plus a warm winter coat and shoes with good tread, such as walking boots or trainers, for when you disembark the aircraft.

An information guide with further details will be available to view in the Customer Portal in due course. 

The snowsuits provided for our customers are unisex and designed to be over-sized and roomy. A snug 'fit' will not keep you as warm. At the time of booking you will have been asked if anyone in your party required a snowsuit larger than Gents size XXXL (equivalent to an EU size 58-60/UK Ladies size 28) or an adult shoe size 12+.  And, if you advised us, you will see this noted on your Confirmation Invoice.

If you require a snowsuit or boots larger than the sizes stated above, and nothing has been noted, please contact our Customer Service Team on 0800 270 0150, or from Ireland call 1800 827300.

A note will be added to your booking and we will advise the resort. We need this information no later than 21 days before departure.