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Flight Information

Before you travel to Lapland, you may have questions about the flights we charter. Here we have compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to help you in the run up to your trip.

Who are your flights with?

Canterbury Travel operates tours with aircraft chartered from Jet2, and your flying time is approx. 3hrs and 25 mins.

Which airport terminals do Canterbury Travel flights operate from?

The aircraft that we charter operate from the following terminals:

  • Gatwick Airport - South Terminal
  • Manchester Airport -  Terminal 2
  • All other airports - Main Terminal

Why can't I find information about my flight on the airport website?

Canterbury Travel charters aircraft to operate tours. These arrangements are different to schedule airline routes, and our charter flight numbers may not be shown on airport websites until the day of departure. Similarly, you may not see our charter flights listed on car parking websites, please do not be concerned.

Can I pre-book seats?

Sorry, it's not possible to pre-book seats on our flights.  The cabin is economy class throughout and we try our very best to ensure that families are seated together.

If anyone in your party needs a seat with extra legroom, please speak with one of our Lapland experts and your request will be noted (although it cannot be guaranteed). Extra leg room seats are usually Emergency Exit seats, and children or adults with mobility or medical needs are not permitted to sit in this section.

What is my luggage allowance?

  • Day trip passengers have a hand luggage allowance only.
  • Passengers travelling on one of the short breaks have a hold luggage allowance of 22kg per person plus hand luggage.  Please note there is no luggage allowance for infants.

Will there be any entertainment on the flight to Lapland?

We try to encourage a sing-a-long with the airline, however, this will be entirely up to the cabin crew and pilot on the day. Your magical trip to Lapland with Canterbury Travel begins when you arrive in Santa's homeland.