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Children's Presents and Letters

We have created a simple guide to help you understand what you need to do with the children's presents and letters, before your meeting with Santa in Lapland.

Day Trips To Lapland

If you are travelling on the Enchanting Lapland day trip, all children age 2-15 years will receive a little gift from Santa. We include older siblings, aged 12-15, so that younger children do not question this process.

You are welcome to bring your children's letters for Santa to Lapland.  You can then discreetly pass the letter to an Elf, before you see Santa, or the children can personally give them to him.

Short Breaks to Lapland

For customers travelling on our 2, 3 and 4-night Santa breaks, on your Confirmation Invoice you will see that a discount of £15/€25 per child (age 2-11 years) has been applied to the overall cost of your booking (noted as the Children's Gift Allowance.)

This discount is to enable you to buy a small gift for your child and to bring it with you to Lapland, along with their letter for Santa. In the Customer Portal there will be instructions about wrapping and labelling the gift before you travel, and the procedure you will need to follow to deliver the item to the collection point in resort. We assure you that the whole process in resort is discreet and you are welcome to follow the exact same process for any older children in your party, so that Santa is seen to treat all children the same.

This present will then be given to your child by Santa during your private meeting with him. We always find that children are especially delighted to receive an item that they have mentioned in their letter to Santa. It makes their magical moment with Santa all the more special.