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Lapland FAQ's

With more than 50 years experience of sending customers to the most magical place on earth - Lapland, we have answered thousands of questions from our customers. Therefore, we've compiled answers to a short list of some of the most commonly asked questions to help you plan for your trip to Lapland.

If your query isn't listed below you can also view our more comprehensive list of FAQ'S or speak with one of our Lapland experts on 0800 270 0150 or from Ireland 1800 827300.

How long is the flight to Lapland?

The journey time to Lapland is around 3 1/2 hours.

What are the transfer times to the the resorts?

The transfer time is as follows:

  • Rovaniemi to Luosto - 90 mins, by coach.
  • Rovaniemi to Pyha - 120 mins, by coach.
  • Kuusamo to Suomu - 75 mins, by coach.
  • Kuusamo to Ruka Valley - 25 mins by coach.
  • Enontekio to the Enchanting Lapland day trip location - 25 mins, by a snowmobile-drawn sleigh (weather permitting)

What is the currency in Lapland?

The Euro is the currency used in Lapland, Finland. Debit and credit cards are widely accepted in the resorts. There are no banking facilities at Enontekio Airport and Rovaniemi Airport. 

Will I need to bring a travel adapter?

Yes, please bring a UK to European 2 pin adapter with you for your electrical appliances.

Is WIFI available in the resort?

WIFI is usally available in the public areas of the hotels.

If you decide to book an apartment, log cabin or other accommodation, WIFI is rarely available and the reception can be poor as you will be in a remote location.

How long are the trips to the activity locations on the short breaks?

Your search for Santa will take place in areas just on the outskirts of the resort. Journeys between the locations and the resort are around 10-25 minutes per journey, depending on the resort you choose to stay in.

Are there any shops in the resorts?

Most of our Lapland resorts are very remote but that's what makes them so authentic.  In Suomu, there are no shops at all, so please do bring a selection of your children's favourite snacks with you to Lapland.

In Luosto and Pyha, each resort has a small supermarket and gift shop. At Enontekio there is a small gift shop. Finally in the main part of Ruka, there are more facilities, however we would always recommend bringing your children's favourite treats with you. .

Can we see the Northern Lights in the resort?

It is possible to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in all of our resorts, although as a natural phenomenon, there is no guarantee. The lights appear like a storm in the sky with white, red or green lights dancing through the atmosphere.

There is an App you can download that will send you an alert when the Northern Lights are visible in your resort Aurora Alerts

We don't arrange excursions to search for the Northern Lights, your Arctic Star Guides can usually pinpoint the best places to view them, when you are there.